VR Performances in Art : Actions in Endless White

What remains of performance art when it takes place in virtual reality? With its group exhibition „Whiteout“, the NRW-Forum Düsseldorf is putting performance art to the test. The white space in the virtual world, which museum visitors can enter in the NRW-Forum Düsseldorf, expands infinitely. First the emptiness seems absolute, then human figures appear. Slowly […]

Sony Strives For Same Features For PSVR As HTC Vive Owns

Lately Sony secured a patent which signals that the company is considering detectors that may monitor its PlayStation VR headset similar to the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. The method suggested in the obvious might monitor the person motions and place using the same technologies employed in higher-end headphones, that can come come with projectors […]

5 Tips To Remain Anonymous And Shield Your Internet Privacy

Today more than ever before, your web privacy is under assault. Internet service providers, admen, and authorities all over the world are increasingly thinking about understanding just what youre around when you see the internet. Whether youre a political activist or just a person who loathes the concept of third parties inspecting your browsing habits, […]

Apple Has To Pay 2 Billion USD Because Of Stolen Technologies

It is two or more years today when gamemaker ZeniMax submitted a law suit in the court asserting the $ 2 billion purchase of Oculus VR start-up by Facebook, was centered on stolen technology. In the proceeding of the identical, now it’s none other but Facebook boss Zuckerberg themself, who continues to be requested to […]

Sony`s VR Headset for the Playstation

Now Sony has established the PlayStation VR, a futuristic-looking apparatus that – while it mightn’t produce the crystal clear choice world encounters of our dreams – could function as the first virtual reality system to actually take off with mainstream gamers – and of course it will be used for vrsexvideos and other dirty stuff. […]

Internet Speed And Virtual Reality

They dramatically mature the velocity of your checking experience that is own. Being among the most preferred web rate verifying instruments are not unavailable at speedtest.net, which hosts a sophisticated, swift as well as free – to-use net speed checker. As soon as you’re done-with speed of online screening, you’re able to continue and explore […]