Sony Strives For Same Features For PSVR As HTC Vive Owns

Lately Sony secured a patent which signals that the company is considering detectors that may monitor its PlayStation VR headset similar to the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

The method suggested in the obvious might monitor the person motions and place using the same technologies employed in higher-end headphones, that can come come with projectors that ‚feel‘ a person place in a specified area.

Now, the PS VR uses a PlayStation Digicam peripheral to visually monitor a person head location utilizing lamps on the very front of the head set.

While PS VR’s option works just fine (and also keeps prices down to half that of a Vive), chamber-size motion-tracking might manage a more immersive experience as well as open possibilities for the types of games which can be produced for Sony’s head set. Click here to check out the greatest movie content especially for PS VR.

Like the majority of patents, that is not proof of Sony delivering a new addon to the VR headset. It also wasnot clarified if this might work as as an add-on or component of some sort of heir to the first PS VR headset.

Having said that, it is assuring to be aware of the PlayStation purveyor is not completed coming up with ideas for the program and will not be be departing VR to die on the vine just yet.

Should PlayStation VR have some new tricks up its sleeve, we might be surprised if Sony retains off creating any statements until its forthcoming E-3 20 17 media occasion. Sony will not be be alone, both, as rival Microsoft previously owns some components information of its own in the offing for come july 1st.

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